IT Services maintain fixed AV installations in spaces used for teaching.  These include lecture theatres, various sized teaching rooms and seminar rooms.

10 things you should know  when using rooms with Rooms with AV Installed .

Full details can be found on the List of Rooms with AV Installed page.

Owing to limited resourcing we do do not own, maintain or manage any portable AV equipment.

If you are using one of the teaching spaces for an event that is not part of timetable teaching you will find it equiped for normal teaching.  
Rooms are checked as often as possible but we rely on users to report problems so that they can be quickly rectified before other users need to use spaces.  Repairs to room systems can sometimes take time and alternative accommodation may be needed.

If you require AV services other than those provided for normal teaching you will need to arrange for an external suplier to provide them. 
These would include portable equipment, AV installations in spaces which do not have fixed AV installations and AV resources additional to those currently provided.

In the summer of 2017 LT1 was upgraded which included a new fixed installed AV system.  

As a result of this investment LT1 should be the chosen venue for all 'important, deemed to be prestigious' events held at University of Suffolk.

This space is set up for normal teaching and can easily be augmented for conference type events using external AV support. 

The WAD is set up for normal teaching with 10 year old resources installed.  The WAD could be considered an empty space and with a suitable budget and external AV support could be set up for conference use.

We recommend AV Unit  as a local provider who have installed many of our fixed systems on campus. 
They are aware of what is in place, they are close and they can liaise with IT Services regarding exisiting systems.

If external users need training or advice we are happy to provide that but would request that it is done prior to an event so that any issues can be resolved before the event. 
It is at a prior meeting that all expectations can be discussed and a user can find out which of their needs can be provided 'in house'.
Therefore, we do not provide training 30 minutes before the event takes place.

Due to limited resources we cannot provide dedicated support during your event but please contact the IT Service Desk with any problems.that arise with the fixed AV installations. 
Major faults (projector lamp failure) cannot be solved immediately therefore for important events it may be sensible to book alternative suitable spaces for emergency use.

If you need dedicated support and AV equipment 'redundantcy' during your event please contact our recommended external supplier dircetly or we can liaise with them on our behalf.

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