All users of AV should read this page and share the information with any visitors.

The installed AV is set up for normal teaching anything extra may not be available.  See event page.

If you are running an event consider these issues when communicating with anyone presenting at your event. 


  1. TRAINING -Take advantage of training offered by IT Services.  If you have guests coming in, get them trained or pass on the training yourself.

  2. LOCAL PC - A PC is provided to input to the projector.  The PC has PowerPoint installed.  Have your presentation available in PowerPoint and you will be able to use it.

  3. VARIABLE LOCATIONS - We try to provide the same experinece in all rooms with identical controls but due to an evolving estate some rooms have newer technology than others.  This includes projector resolution and screen aspect ratio.  Be prepared for 4:3 and 16:9. See what is installed in rooms

  4. GUEST USER LOGIN - If you are a visitor you can get a network login and password from reception to use for the duration of your visit.  You can also use this for WiFi.

  5. EXTERNAL INPUTS Cables are provided to connect other input devices to AV systems.  All systems can be accessed using vga (15 pin D connector) and line audio (3.5mm socket) - this is our current standard. Some rooms have HDMI inputs (see the room guides). 

  6. LAPTOPS - If you want to connect a laptop to a system to project and it doesn't have vga and audio out, as described above, you may need adapters.  Apple devices need adapters we don't supply them.

  7. BACK UP MATERIAL - Have copies of any presentation in other places like an online storage area or a spare memory stick. Maybe have a plan if the technology fails.

  8. MEMORY STICKS - We don't supply memory sticks.  If a memory stick is encrypted it may not run on a networked PC.  Assuming your security allows it copy your presentation to one that isn't encrypted.  Email it to an account that you can access over the internet or put it in an online data store.

  9. ADVANCED PLANNING - If you are organising an event make sure any people presenting at your event have this information.  You could have presentations sent in advance to make sure they work.  If they run on your desk PC they should run on those in teaching rooms. 

  10. MICROPHONES - Microphones are installed in LT1, LT2, WAD and A001.  Hearing loops are also installed in these rooms.  Remember that you need to use the microphones to get the hearing loops to work.  See using wireless microphones



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Page created: 26 Jan 2015
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