The Ipswich Campus has a 24/7 security team based in the Security Control Room, Waterfront Building. The team monitors the whole site, so it is important you carry your ID Card with you at all times, to prove you are authorised to be on the premises. The Security team do undertake regular spot checks across the whole campus.

In the interest of security and safety, please do not allow people to tailgate you through the doors or turnstiles. This will help prevent unauthorised persons accessing the buildings.

If you have forgotten your ID Card, you must report to Reception or Security to gain a temporary access card. Card sharing is not permitted; any person found using a card that does not belong to them may be escorted from the premises. Security will report any unauthorised card use to a member of the ID Cards team and the Duty Estates Manager.

You must present your ID Card if requested by a member of the security team, or by a member of staff (with a valid staff ID Card).

All visitors must report to Reception on their arrival, to sign in and receive a visitor card. If you are responsible for a visitor, please remember to escort them at all times whilst on the premises and make sure they return to Reception to sign out at the end of their visit.

You can contact the 24/7 security team on 01473 338999 

Page last modified: 15 Oct 2018
Page created: 03 Apr 2017
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