Software packages seem to be updated more regularly than ever, and UCS has a number of core software packages which are deployed campus wide, Microsoft Office being one such example.  In order for IT Services to keep the software estate up to date we need to liaise with suppliers, course leaders and managers about what they need and can realistically afford to purchase.  Other software we aim to keep as up to date as possible and we are always looking for the latest versions. 

Here is a list of key software we manage and when we plan to update it.

Software Version in use Current version Upgrade information
Adobe Creative Suite 2015 2015 2015  
Atlas Ti 7.5.10 7.5.10 Version 8 dues to be released in summer 2016
AutoCad 2016 2016 2016  
Avid Pro tools version 12
Media Composer 8.4
Pro tools version 12
​Media Composer 8.4
Microsoft Office 2010 2016 Microsoft Office lifecycle 
Office 365     Office 365
SPSS 19 23 SPSS lifecycle


Page last modified: 15 Oct 2018
Page created: 09 Feb 2016
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