Known Issues


Please note if you are experiencing any issues signing into your UCS account through your device, please try downloading the Microsoft Outlook Application, or accessing the new version of webmail through




Issue Resolution

Google Nexus 6

Device not connecting to server through both:

Microsoft Outlook Application

Devices Native email client (Gmail)

Access email via outlook web app

1. Open your internet browser

2. In the address bar type:

3. Sign in using your username and password

We are currently testing other exchange email client Applications




Outlook Losing Connection

Network connectivity problems can occur for a variety of reasons, you will know if you are experiencing this due to an error message popping up in outlook like so:

The connection can be re-established by either;

  • Closing and re-opening Outlook - Please note any drafts may not be saved


  • Clicking the small arrow in the task bar, hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click the 'O' Outlook icon - then select 'Connection Staus'

  • This will bring up the following window. In the bottom left click 'Reconnect'

  • After a moment the 'Status' will change from Disconnected to Established.


Meeting Requests getting stuck in outbox


When an Exchange 2003 user books a meeting, and includes a user from Exchange 2010.

When the 2010 user forwards this request to someone else, the request appears to be stuck in their outbox.

In fact, it is just “pending”, waiting for the reply from the person they have forwarded the request to.

Once accepted or rejected, this message will disappear, as Exchange forwards the reply back to the original meeting arranger (2003).

This issue will disappear once all users have been migrated over to Exchange 2010


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