Outlook from Home (Windows)

Before getting started, be sure to remove your old UCS profile from within outlook. To do this please follow this LINK


1. From the Start menu Open Control Panel

2. In the top right corner search for and select 'Mail'

3. Click Show Profiles and then Click 'Add'



3. For Profile Name, enter: UCS and click: OK

4. Check the box: Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and click: Next

5. Select: Microsoft Exchange, and click: Next. 

6. In the Exchange Server Settings window, for the Microsoft Exchange Server enter: mailcluster.ucs.ac.uk  and for Username enter: your staff username (for example: e00012345).  Do not click "Check Name" yet.  Before we can do that we have to setup more settings.  Click: More Settings button to do this. Click: OK to Microsoft Exchange Server.

7. In the More Settings window click: Connection tab, make sure that "Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN)" is selected and check "Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP".  Now click: Exchange Proxy Settings button.

8. In the Exchange Proxy Settings window enter: outlook.ucs.ac.uk as the URL to the proxy server for Exchange.  Make sure to check both boxes "On fast networks…" and “On slow networks…” options.  Under "Proxy authentication settings," use the drop-down box and select: Basic Authentication option.  Click: OK to close and then: OK again on the More Settings screen.


9. Now you will be back at the main Exchange Server Settings window again.  This time you need to click: Check Name.  You will be asked for your username and password to authenticate.  Make sure to put ucs\ in front of your username.  Click: OK.


10. when your account gets authenticated the Username should change and become underlined.  Now you are ready to click: Next and then: Finish.

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