Using the Microsoft Outlook App - Android & iOS

If you do not wish to use your devices native email client, you now have the choice to download and install Microsofts Outlook Application. This gives you a mobile version of Microsoft Outlook that you would normally find on your UCS or home computer, giving you a better email experience.

To get started first you need to download the App.

If you would prefer a visual guide follow the link to for 'Outlook for iOS and Android first look'


1. On your device go to the Google Play Store/ Apple App Store

2. Search for 'Microsoft Outlook' (there is also an Application called this is not the correct App)

3. Download and Install the Application once done, open the Application.


4. Press 'Get Started'

5. Select 'Exchange'

6. At the bottom of the page select 'Advanced Settings'

7. Enter the following details:

Email Address: Your UCS email address



Username: Your E,S,V,T or P number

Password: Your UCS password

Description: Work (for example)


8. Press sign in, after a few moments your UCS email account will be set up and ready to use.


Advantages of the New Microsoft Mobile App


Focused inbox

Most email clients have some form of spam filtering capability. However a lot of email falls into a gray area. It's not spam, per se, but it's also not important, and you don't want it cluttering your inbox right this minute. The Focused inbox of the Outlook Mobile App solves that problem.

The app separates messages into one of two categories: Focused or Other. The Focused messages should be the ones that are more important, while the other messages can wait until later. One way to think about it is that the Focused messages are the ones that deserve your attention when you're checking email on your mobile device, and the other messages can wait until you get back to your desk.

You can move messages manually into or out of the Focused inbox and the app. The app learns over time which messages you think are important and which are not, so it will improve its ability to sort Focused from Other.


File attachments and cloud integration

Handling file attachments for mobile email just got a lot easier. When you tap the Files icon at the bottom of the app, it will display recent file attachments in your email. You can tap the file to send it as an attachment in a new message, save it to your mobile device or share it with others.

Outlook for Mobile allows you to integrate OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and other cloud storage accounts with the app for quick access to all of your files. You can easily share or attach files from any of your cloud storage accounts.

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Before Microsoft launched Outlook for Mobile there was an OWA app, this already included the associated Outlook calendar, but this is a vast improvement. The calendar is easier to access and work with, and it's integrated directly into the mobile email experience. 

There's also a new Quick RSVP feature that lets you respond to meeting invites directly from the inbox without even opening the actual message. When sending an email, you can tap the calendar icon to create a meeting invite for a specific date and time. What's even cooler, though, is that you can tap "Send Availability" and highlight various dates and times that work for you and let the recipient choose a time that works.


Swipe to schedule

You can swipe left or right on messages in the app to perform different functions, which you can customize in Settings. You can choose to archive, delete, schedule, move, mark as read / unread, or flag a message simply by swiping left or swiping right.

The schedule tool helps me triage my email inbox without letting important messages fall through the cracks. I often read a message and think, "I'm busy now, but I'll act or respond to this later this afternoon," and then I forget.

Schedule lets me swipe to the right and choose in a few hours, this evening, tomorrow morning, or pick a custom time. When the chosen timeframe arrives, the app will bring that message back to my attention so I don't forget it.

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