Accessing Outlook Web App 2010

With the upgrades to Exchange 2010 comes a new version of webmail. One that is more fluent, feature rich and much easier to use. Below are instructions on how to access to the new Outlook Web App through your internet broswer.


1. Open your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari)

2. In the address bar type -

3. You will be dircted to the page below, where you will need to Enter your Username and password - This has not changed and the process remains the same.

4. You can opt. to use the 'Light' version of Outlook Web App if you are using a machine that is slow, or if your internet connection is poor. The light version of Outlook Web App simply has less features meaning it has less to run and focus's mainly on retrieving and sending your email.

5. Once you have signed in your new Webmail will look like this.


6. The Outlook Web App Light will look like this. This is how webmail looks on a mobile phone or tablet device.


7. For instructions on how to use the new Outlook Web App click Here

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