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At one point or another we have all had the misfortune of enduring a PowerPoint presentation, some are lucky enough to doze off and wake up an hour later having avoided Death By PowerPoint! The harsh truth is PowerPoint presentation are just boring, but what if there were other programs available to help keep your audience engaged and awake, but still delivering the same amount of information ? Below is a list of just that, suitable PowerPoint replacements that anyone can use, why not try a few?



Prezi is an easy to use program with simple controls and features, but the results are professional looking presentations. There are tonnes of presentations available to choose from and to inspire you, along with a shed load of templates to play around with and really make your ideas come to life.

Using Prezi creating a presentation takes minutes not hours. You can collaborate with other Prezi users, share you work amongst colleagues enabling you to get the best presentation you can. Unlike conventional text heavy presentations, Prezi uses an array of images to tell a story that will captivate your audience and not send them to sleep.

In terms of the quality of work produced Prezi beats PowerPoint hands down, however there are a few drawback to Prezi:

  • Prezi Free can be downloaded by anyone however:
    • You must work Online, there is not Offline access.
    • You only have 100MB of storage for your work.
    • Your work is public and can be seen by anyone.
  • Prezi Enjoy costs around £5 a month and gives you:
    • 4GB of storage.
    • The ability to control Privacy Settings, meaning your work can be private.
    • Still no ability to work Offline.
  • Prezi Pro costs £15 a month however does give you:
    • Unlimited Storage.
    • The ability to work Offline.
    • Allows you to add a custom logo to your work.

However if you are a student or teacher Prezi Enjoy is free giving you plenty of storage and the ability to keep your work private.

Here is an example of how a conventional PowerPoint compares to a Prezi slide containing the same information.


Images by prezi.blog.com

So overall Prezi is a much nicer bit of software to use, and can help make presentations much more engaging whilst still delivering the same level of information. There is a cost, but the additional benefits could really pay for themselves.







Image by Slidedog.com

Slidedog is a free piece of software available for anyone to download. Slidedog is a multimedia presentation tool that lets you combine PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Prezi presentations, Movie clips, web pages, and many more into one innovative, seamless viewing experience. 

Slidedog allows virtually any media to be added into it, enabling you to feature videos from YouTube and other media sites. The addition of being able to show we pages save you the trouble of trying to extract the information, or just being able to show a screen shot. It is incredibly easy to use and very feature rich. This makes it very different from PowerPoint where in you are not creating a conventional presentation.

Slidedog also has the option for putting in timed backgrounds for breaks in the slides, and you can auto-advance between each item in your presentation. You can also control the presentation from your mobile phone or tablet and live stream the finished product for online viewing.

There are two versions available for Slidedog, a free version and a Pro version.

  • The free version includes:
    • Single screen mode: Meaning your computer and projector shows both the presentation files and the Slidedog UI (user interface)
    • Slidedog logo is shown between breaks and before you presentation starts
    • Enables you to try Premium features for 15 minutes per day
    • Community Support.


  • Slidedog Pro includes:
    • Single and dual screen mode: your PC monitor shows a control panel of the playlist, slide thumbnails, notes etc. while the audience only sees the presentation files.
    • Use of your own background image, at the beginning and during breaks of the presentation.
    • Looping and auto-advance features: Allowing you to use Slidedog as a digital signage tool.
    • Live sharing and Audience interaction: Allows your audience to view your slide on their own devices. This also allows them to leave feedback and answer polls (you still control what is seen at all times)
    • Slidedog Remote control: Allowing you to turn your mobile into remote for your presentation, also allows you to switch between the files from your phone, and control the presentation, view notes etc.
    • Premium Support





Perspective by Pixxa

Much like Slidedog before Perspective is not your conventional presentation software. Built specifically for iOS is it available for your iPhone or iPad only, instead of creating presentations you create ‘stories’ which have some really nice effects and looks great, making your ‘Story’ very immersive and something and audience can enjoy watching. Almost like going to the cinema but for education!

Perspective allows you to import PDF files, Excel files and even lets you insert videos taken from your device’s memory. It’s very easy to use and once you have all the data inserted it’s very quick and simple to edit. You can create one free ‘Story’ using the application, after that you will need to upgrade to the Pro version, which is £39.99 a year. So you have a chance to see if you like the app before you have spent anything.

Using perspective in conjunction with such devices as Apple TV or Chromecast, Perspective turns out to be a nice piece of presentation software. Maybe in the near future we will see the application on other platforms such and PC or Android.


Image by mass.innovationnights.com


So there are just a few of the alternatives for PowerPoint available, do you know of anymore? Or is there any you would like to know more about, leave us a comment and let us know.


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