SuffolkUni is a free to use, self-service Wi-Fi network available to visitors at the University of Suffolk Ipswich Campus. It’s for short-term use only, so if you’re a staff member or student, you should connect to eduroam. 

If you're visiting the University of Suffolk from another institution that uses eduroam, you can connect to eduroam using the credentials for your home institution. 

SuffolkUni is managed by Purple, and you can connect using your social media credentials or by completing the registration page. You’ll need to accept the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy to use the service. 


Here’s the quick start guide to getting connected: 

  • On your device, select SuffolkUni from the list of Wi-Fi networks  
  • The SuffolkUni landing page should open. If it doesn’t, open your web browser 
  • Sign in using your social media credentials, or complete the registration form 
  • You’ll receive a message to confirm you’ve connected  


Please select your device type below for a full guide on connecting. If you have any problems please contact the IT Service Desk.  


Page last modified: 17 Apr 2019
Page created: 22 Mar 2019
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