Outlook From Home - Mac

You can set up your UCS email account on your home Mac one of two ways:

  • Using Microsoft Outlook (Office 2011 version)
  • Using your Mac's native email client (Mail)

Below you will find the instruction on how to do both.


Setting up email through Microsoft Outlook

1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your Mac

2. If this is the first time you have done this a new window will open and prompt you to enter your email settings.

3. If this is not the first time, from the menu bar go to Tools and click Accounts and this window will pop up.

5. Click Exchange

6. Next you will need to add in the settings for your email which are as follows:

E-mail Address: Your e-mail address

Authentication: Leave blank

Method: Username and Password

Username: UCS\Your E,S,V,T or P number

Make sure 'Configure Automatically' is unticked or you will not be able to see the next field

Server: Mail.ucs.ac.uk

7. Once you have finished inputting your settings click 'Add Account'

8. Providing the settings you have put in are correct your emails will begin syncing and a new window will pop up for you to enter your display details.

9. The only thing you may need to change is the 'Full Name' field as this is automatically enetered as your Mac's user log in name (i.e. Josh's Mac)

10. Once done you can cross off this window and your are ready to being using your UCS email through Microsofts Outlook.





My name is Paul Hackett and I am a visiting professor at UOS. I am trying to set up my email client at home to pick up and send from my UOS email account. I use Airmail 3 on a mac as my client. Can you please help me set this up? Also, how can I change my username and password to something more memorable. Thank you in advance.

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