LinkedIn Learning (

The University of Suffolk has a subscription to LinkedIn Learning (, a massive library of video tutorials and courses covering a wide range of technology, business and creative topics. 

You can access for free using your University of Suffolk username and password. Please click on the button below to log in:
(LinkedIn Learning)



You can browse content on in the following ways: 

  • By subject area (for example: Photography, Business, IT) 
  • By topic (for example: Online Marketing, Game Design, Video Pre-Production) 
  • By software (for example: Photoshop, Excel, AutoCAD) 
  • By learning path (for example: Improve Your Web Design Coding Skills) 

Courses are separated into chapters and sections to make it easier to find the help you need. You can bookmark import information and download content for offline viewing.      

To get the most out of, we recommend starting here.

You can also download the app on your smartphone or tablet. Follow this guide for more information. 


Office 365 Training Centre

If you want to learn about the features of Office 365 or need some guidance to complete a task using Office, we recommend starting with the Office 365 Training Centre.  

The Training Centre contains guides created by Microsoft that will take you from the basics of Office to more powerful features for advanced users. You can click on each app for suggested learning, or search by keyword if you just want to complete a task. There are also application 'Cheat Sheets' available to download for a quick refresher if you need it!

You can access the Training Centre by clicking the button below: