A Guide to Computing and Technology Terminology

Computers, smartphones, all modern technology appears in virtually every household and is used by millions of people every single day. Some, just to perform the weekly online shop, browsing the internet for new clothes others weekend gaming sessions, but they are all used specifically to our own needs.

And within that, our knowledge of computers is levelled to only what we use them for. Now we have all seen them, either in instruction guides, or specification sheets, I’m talking about those Abbreviations and Acronyms like CPU, RAM, ROM, HDD, DDR3, and GPU. But it’s not just computer’s, Mobile phones and even TV’s have things such as MMS, LCD, HD, OLED, SMS and LTE. We have all had at least one epxerienece where we have been into shops and computer stores and have been baffled when store assistants have started speaking to us in this entirely unknown language. But what are they and what do they all mean?

To most end users there are nothing, there just cogs in a machine and as long as you hit the power button and everything works they don’t want to know. But for those who have always wondered what they stand for and what they mean, below are a list of the most commonly used computer, internet and tech Abbreviations and Acronyms. I have also included some of the biggest and most known technology manufactures, some you may know some you may not. The document below is a complete mixture of computing and technology (that’s TV’s Smartphones etc.) terms ranging from the very basic, such as what a Browser is. To advance networking such as Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) The main focus is a help guide to turn to when there is something you don’t fully understand but want to know more about.

The document below is slightly large, so if your wanting to know a specific Acronym, using your keyboard press CTRL + F This will bring up a search box in the top right hand corner, type what you wish to search for and you will be taken to it. If there is more than one instance of your search you can scroll up and down between them.

In the unfortunate case that what you’re searching for is not here, or if there is anyting you would like us to add by all means please let us know and we will have it added to the list.



Basic Input/output System


Central Processing Unit


Graphics Processing Unit


Hard Disk Drive


High-Definition Multimedia Interface


Liquid Crystal Display


Operating System

Open Source


Portable Document Format


Random Access Memory


Solid State Drive


Uniform Resource Locator


Universal Serial Bus.


Video Graphics Array.


Believe it or not Wi-Fi is not an Acronym!


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