Replacement Guest WiFi Service

Following the successful installation of a high-speed Wireless Network on the Ipswich Campus last summer, we're now pleased to announce further service enhancements in the form of a new guest facility, called "SuffolkUni", which will replace the legacy "UCS-Guest" facility.

"SuffolkUni" has been designed to address a number of enhancement requests and suggestions we've received from Staff and Visitors to the Campus, and represents a significant improvement over the old service in a number of key areas:

  • The Service will be open to all Campus Visitors, including members of the Public
  • Visitors will now be able to 'self-enroll', no need to pre-register accounts or contact the Infozone
  • Visitor's can self-register using their existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instragram accounts in as little as 20 seconds
  • The Service makes use of the latest generation of GPON Services provided by BT Openreach, following a joint University of Suffolk IT Services/BT Openreach trial carried out last autumn

The service is currently available as an open pilot to users in the Atrium Building and Sir Thomas Slade Court. 

As this is a service in active development, timescales are subject to change, however we intend to deploy service to the rest of the Ipswich Campus by 16th March 2017

You can see the project plan here.

Please note the service is designed and aimed at visitors to the campus; All staff and students are automatically provided with access to the global eduroam network, click here for instructions on how to configure your devices to use eduroam.

If you have any questions about this project then please contact us on the IT Service Desk number 01473 338 222 or send us an email on We also appreciate any feedback as a result of the Wireless Upgrade, whether it is positive or negative.

Kind Regards
IT Services

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