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Getting Started

Before you use the system it is necessary to enroll your University ID card on to the system. This will enable you to print your documents and release them securely on any of the Konica Minolta printers around the Ipswich Campus. It is necessary to enroll prior to using the MFD's for any printing, copying and scanning functions.

To enroll click on the Button below

Enrolling for the print system





The process is straightforward and can be completed at any Konica Minolta printer, to find your nearest printer click on the link in the following section.

Note: If you receive a replacement ID card you will need to enroll your new card on the system by following the above process.

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Printing your documents

The  PaperCutBW   printer  is the default printer for users on the Ipswich Campus. This will print double sided and in Black and White. If you wish to print in colour select the PaperCutColour printer when printing your documents.

The Microsoft Office suite allows you to select a number of basic settings when printing, such as printing single sided, changing paper size and page orientation (portrait or landscape).

If you are printing from a different software package, or wish to select other options, such as stapling, booklet printing or specify a specific drawer select Printer Properties from the Print menu to bring up a detailed options menu.

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Print from USB

It is now possible to print directly from your USB storage device, first login to the printer, insert the USB stick (in the port to the right hand side of the screen) and follow the on screen instructions.

This supports a limited range of document types and finishing options.

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Printer Properties - My Tab

The following image shows you the Printer Properties and then My Tab settings. 

My Tab allows you to select various commonly used items of your choice from other tabs.  You can do this by selecting 'Edit my tab'.

If you do not wish to customise My Tab then here is where to find other common printer settings;

  • Stapling - Select 'Staple' in My Tab and either 'Top Left' or '2 Position Left' in the drop down box.
  • Booklet folding/stapling - Select 'Booklet' from the 'Print Type' drop down and select the 'Centre Staple and Fold' check box in My Tab. Note: printers which can booklet fold and staple are located in the Library and the 3rd floor open access area and 5th floor room WF.504 of the Waterfront Building.
  • Select a specific paper tray, or bypass tray - Select the Basic tab, Paper tray drown down box and select Tray 1-4 or the bypass tray.


The print options appear differently in OS X (the Apple computers).  A separate guide has been created to help you choose print options in OS X.

Print Options OS X





The Edit My Tab menu below allows you to Add, Remove and Move items to suit your needs, when you are finished click OK.


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Printing: How to print and delete jobs

When you have printed your document(s) to the PaperCutBW or PaperCutColour queue you can release them (print them) on any Konica Minolta printer on the Ipswich campus. Your account will be charged at the point in which the document is printed.

Swipe your card to log in.  Select the 'Release' button and any jobs you wish to print (these will now be highlighted). Alternatively press Select All. When you have selected the documents you wish to print press the circular Blue start button under the MFD touch screen. To view additional information about the print job select Details next to the associated job (note you will be able to see this information in your PaperCut user portal)

  • Time
  • User
  • Document name
  • Pages
  • Cost
  • Greyscale
  • Papersize

To delete a job you can select 'delete' and 'OK' to remove the job from your queue. Alternatively if you have printed a job that you no longer wish to release then it will automatically be deleted from the system after three days.

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PaperCut User Portal

The PaperCut user portal which is predominantly for students to manage their printing account is available here (link only available on campus), login with your University username and password to view your account:

  • Printing history
  • Recent jobs
  • Pending jobs
  • Request a refund (student only)
  • Environmental impact
  • Quick link to IT Services printing help

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Copying – Basic functions

Swipe your card to log in.  Select 'Copy' and either place the originals in the paper loader with the text face up, or on the glass copying pane with the text facing down.

At this point you can select 'No. of sets' to select the amount of copies you wish to make.  When you are ready you can hit the blue Start button below the screen to begin copying.

Tip: If you wish to Preview the document before copying you can select the Preview button to the right of the touch screen, and 'Preview' followed by 'Preview on screen' and 'Start.'  You can choose 'Preview Page' and finally you can 'Start Scan' or  'Cancel' or 'Print.'

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Copying – Advanced functions

Swipe your card to Log in.  Select 'Copy' and for the advanced menu select 'Quick Copy', to change back to the basic menu select 'Basic. The Quick Copy screen displays the features commonly used on a single screen.

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Scanning - Basic functions

Scanning is predominantly used for scanning documents directly to your UCS e-mail account. Students are not charged for this function.

Swipe your card to log in.  Place the item you wish to scan on the glass or if you have multiple pages in the feeder (with text facing up), select 'Scan/Fax' and select 'Email Me' as per the screen below.

Press the blue button to scan this to your UCS e-mail account.  If you wish to preview the page before you scan select the 'Preview' button on the right, select 'Start' and then 'Start Scan or Cancel'. The scan will be e-mailed as a compressed .PDF to learn more about how to change this and other options please read the section below.

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Scanning - Advanced functions

Select the option you wish to change on the scanning ribbon, as shown above (note a similar ribbon also exists on the Copy screen). You can select from the following options;

  • Simplex/Duplex 
    1-sided scan
    2-sided scan
    Cover+ 2-sided scan
  • Resolution 
    Select the quality of image, the higher the DPI the better quality image
  • Color 
    Black and white 
  • File Type 
    Compact PDF
    Compact XPS
  • Scan size 
    Set a custom size
  • File name/subject name/other 
    Name the file
    Name the Subject heading in the email

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Device troubleshooting

For help and guidance on using the printing services or to report a hardware fault with a printer or money loader (such as a device not functioning) please contact IT Services either in the InfoZone, by e-mail at or telephone on 01473 338222.

Please report all issues with consumables (paper, toner and staples) to the Facilities team or email them at Also look out for information banners next to each device.

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Training Video

Konica Minolta have provided an on-line video guide to demonstrate the core printing, copying and scanning functionality of the MFD's.

Open this link to open the iTraining tool.

You will be prompted to enter a username and password, please enter:

Username: IServices 
Password: UCSiTraining.

Click Learning Objectives, iTraining bizhub C554e/C454e - End Customer, Select English and Open Learning Content.

Note: only six concurrent users can log in to access the videos, if you find that you are unable to log in please try again later.

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Future Features

IT Services are working towards implementing several other features, some of which are listed below. For further information, or to make a suggestion for a feature you would like to see please contact IT Services.

  • Scan to network (home folder)
  • OCR - Scan to PDF with editable content

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