Enrolling for the printing service

The first time you use the printer you will need to associate your UCS identification card with your UCS login.

If you used the previous Canon system before August 2013 then your UCS identification card will already be enrolled on the system (holding it to the card sensor will automatically log you in). If you have received a new card then it will be necessary to follow the steps below.

1. To complete this, first register your identification card by presenting it to the Konica Minolta multi-function printer's card reader as shown below.  The reader is located to the right hand side of the printer's screen.

2. New users to the system will be notified that your card is unknown and that you need to associate your card with your account.

3. Select OK, and enter your UCS staff username and password: do not click login at this point: place your identification card to the reader to complete the enrolment process.

Click OK to return to login screen.  To login place your identification card to the reader.

If you receive an error message please ensure you are entering your correct credentials prior to contacting the IT Services help desk.


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