Book Scanning

This guide describes how to scan books using the Konica Minolta scanners, ensuring that the pages are put into one file.  Please be aware of copyright restrictions when scanning books.

Being by logging in to the device using your ID card, or by entering your credentials on the screen.  Once logged in, you'll be looking at the options screen.  Choose Scan/Fax:

Choose a recipient, then click on Application at the bottom right.

Scroll across to section B) and click on Book Original.

In the Book Original window, switch the function on, and choose a mode such as Separation, then click OK.

Back on the Application screen, click on Separate Scan.

You are now ready to scan your book.  Place the first spread on the scanner bed.  Press the Start button:

The scanner will identify the pages of the spread, and create two scans.  You may continue to scan spreads, and press Start each time.  When you have completed scanning, the number of pages scanned will be displayed, and you can click on Finish:

You will be instructed to press the Start button a final time to begin transmission:

A single scan will arrive at the chosen recipient, which contains each scanned page.


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