Yes, as a student you will have to pay for printing. The University of Suffolk will credit your student print account automatically once a year (September of each year), up to a maximum of £10. After you’ve used your printer credit, you’ll need to top-up using cash, credit/debit card or PayPal.

When you are logged in to a PC or Mac connected to the University network, your current print balance is shown in the PaperCut widget on the Desktop, like this: 



You can also log in to PaperCut using your student/staff number and password. Once logged in, your current balance will be shown on the summary page. Please note you can only access PaperCut on campus.
You have several options if you need to add credit to print

  • Online, by logging in to PaperCut and clicking ‘Add Credit’. You can choose the amount you wish to add (£2, £5, £10 or £20) and access the PayPal gateway to pay using your PayPal account or using a debit/credit card. Click here for a full guide. 

  • At either of the top up stations located in the Waterfront Foyer and Library Building. You can use cash or contactless payment.   

Note: The top up stations do not give change. The IT Service Desk is also unable to take payment for print credit.  

The current cost of printing and copying is shown in the table below: 


Single sided

Double sided

Black&White A4



Black&White A3



Colour A4



Colour A3




When you send your print job to the PaperCutColor queue, any pages that don’t contain colour will be charged at the standard Black and White cost. 

We’re happy to consider refunds for any print jobs that failed or have been damaged if the MFD malfunctions.  

Some print jobs are refunded automatically if the MFD recognises that the print job failed. If not, you can follow this guide to request a refund via PaperCut. 

Your request will be sent to the IT Service Desk for consideration. We may ask you to provide more information, so please give as much detail as you can and retain any supporting evidence (for example, if your request relates to the quality of the print job, we may ask to see this so we can identify what caused the problem).   
If your request for a refund is urgent, please visit the IT Service Desk (located in the Infozone, Waterfront Building) after completing the online refund form. 

We can refund any credit that you’ve paid for as long as the following criteria is met: 

  • You’ve completed study at the University of Suffolk 

  • You have over £5 credit on your account 

If the above criteria is met, complete the refund form and bring this to the IT Service Desk to be checked and authorised. Alternatively you can ask for a copy of the refund form the IT Service Desk, based in the infozone. 
We only consider refunds for print credit you have added. We do not refund the annual credit the University adds to your print account.  
For amounts between £5 and £20, the authorised form should be taken to the Library Helpdesk to issue the refund using cash. The form will be retained by the Library for their records. 
For amounts over £20, you’ll need to add your bank details to the form. The authorised form will be sent to our Finance team to arrange a refund by BACS.