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Simplified IT Acceptable Use Policy


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Full Acceptable Use Policy

  • Governance
    Don’t break the law, do abide by University of Suffolk (the University) regulations and policies, and do observe the regulations of any third parties whose facilities you access.
  • Identity
    Don’t allow anyone else to use your IT credentials, don’t disguise your online identity and don’t attempt to obtain or use anyone else’s.
  • Infrastructure
    Don’t put the University’s IT facilities at risk by introducing malware, interfering with hardware or loading unauthorised software.
  • Information
    Safeguard personal data, respect other people’s information and don’t abuse copyright material. Remember that mobile devices may not be a secure way to handle information.
  • Behaviour
    Don’t waste IT resources, interfere with others’ legitimate use or behave towards others in a way that would not be acceptable in the physical world.

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