The University of Suffolk requires IT facilities are available for visiting students under the age of 18. These are required for short courses and 'taster' sessions held on the University's estate.

  • An audit trail must be created to identify who uses each account and when they are used. 
  • The accounts have full access to the internet identical to any University student or staff account. 
  • No 'content filtering' is applied to internet access.
  • Child Protection issues are assumed to be covered using supervision as recommended by the University's 'Access to IT Policy for Under 18s'. 
  • A 'responsible staff member' should be identified for all IT Services contact.
  • Users can save items to 'the desktop'.
  • Data can be archived off the PC to USB storage, or CD/DVD if available on PC.


Any issues should be reported directly to the IT Service Desk within the Infozone.

Page last modified: 15 Apr 2019
Page created: 21 Mar 2014
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