• Dont assume every Data Point around campus is live/connected to the network

  • If you need an existing Data Point connected, talk to the IT Service Desk

  • If you need new Data Point(s), Talk to the FM Helpdesk

  1. IT Services does not connect every available data point to the corporate network as a default deployment standard.
  2. Disconnected data points are clearly marked as out of use, being covered by a vinyl label marked "PORT NOT IN USE"
  3. IT Services will patch spare data point(s) on demand, on receipt of a request from the business, raised via the IT Service Desk.

IT Services will monitor and review switch port utilisation on a 6-monthly basis

2.2 Where monitoring indicates a data point has not been used by any device for the previous quarter, IT Services will, at their discretion, un-patch dormant data points to release capacity back into the local pool of available switch ports

3.1 IT Services will require reasonable notice to reconnect dormant data points to the network. Upon receipt of a valid request via the IT Service Desk, IT Services will endeavour to reconnect requested data points to the network in the timescales indicated in the table below.

Quantity Requested

Notice Required

Authorisation Required

1 data point

1.5 working days


2-5 data points

2 working days


6-10 data points

3 working days

Requestors Line Manager

11-24 data points

5 working days

Requestors Line Manager + Enterprise Services Manager

25-47 data points

10 working days

Requestors Line Manager + Head of IT

48+ data points

4 weeks

Requestors Line Manager + Director of IT

It should be noted that occasionally it will not be possible to patch additional data points due to a lack of capacity in the network equipment being available. In these circumstances, (i) Funding will need to be identified to purchase additional switch equipment and (ii) Commissioning of the requested additional data points will be subject to the delivery lead times of additional hardware and professional services.

Any requests for new data points should be made via the FM Helpdesk and will be managed by the Estates Department.

IT Services will undertake disruptive minor patching and comms cabinet maintenance during the normal 2 hour monthly maintenance window.

In addition, IT Services undertakes maintenance to re-cable comms cabinets annually. This generally requires approximately 6 FTE days and will take place during during maintenance windows agreed with the business, to minimise disruption.