Domain Names are the identifier used to present services to the internet, in a human readable format (as a counterpart to the computer readable ‘IP Address’)

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • Provide information on the management of Domain Names representing the University of Suffolk.
  • Outline operational standards and procedures used by the University in the management of Domain Names

All University of Suffolk Domain Names are the exclusive property of the University of Suffolk. University Domain Names are subject to this policy and other University policies even if the websites or other electronic services associated with them are owned, managed or operated by 3rd parties and/or commercial entities.

IT Services maintains the Domain Name Services and any registered domains on behalf of the University of Suffolk.

The University of Suffolk currently uses the domain names listed below. For guidance on appropriate usage, please contact the External Relations Department.


Domain Name


Primary domain

Legacy domain

Alternative domain

Descriptive domain names are reserved for end-user facing services only. Domain names that point to internal servers should be named using a standard naming convention maintained and issued by IT Services (further information available on request)

Domain names must be meaningful and intuitive. They should reflect the name of the service that it represents and be distinct enough to avoid confusion or misinterpretation of that service.

Guidelines for selecting a domain name:

  • Names should be clear and unambiguously linked to the service to which they relate;
  • Names should comprise alphanumeric letters/numbers only, and avoid the use of other characters such as hyphens or underscores;
  • Names should be kept short, and use as few characters as possible (whilst maintaining readability/meaning to the end user)
  • Names should represent the universities brand image and not be detrimental to its reputation

The use of external domain names in relation to university services are expressly forbidden without the written authorisation of the Director of External Relations

All University of Suffolk Domain Name requests must be submitted via the IT Service Desk.

The IT Services Department will review each name request for compliance with university policies and grants final approval.

If a Domain Name requested is, after assessment by IT Services, found to be in conflict with this policy, the requestee may appeal to the Director of IT for a review of the decision.

The university reserves the right to monitor any service presented under a University of Suffolk Domain Name. Monitoring may be conducted for the purposes of:

  • Identifying brand compliance
  • Monitoring uptime and service performance
  • Identifying vulnerabilities