Policies and Procedures


Policies, Agreements and Procedures

You can find information about the appropriate use of IT Facilities, levels of support you can expect from the Service Desk and information about requesting new software can be found below.

Guidance on the use of IT Facilities

Use of Facilities


PC Health Check

A PC health check is carried out each month and identifies PCs which require maintenance, please click below for details.

PC Health Check Updates


IT Service Desk - Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) document includes service standards which will be delivered by the IT Service Desk to the users of IT.  The service standards in this document are identified so as to work closely with the core Business values, demands and requirements. The document can be found below

SLA Document


Mobile Device Use Policy

Appropriate use of UoS Mobiles


Procedure for ordering and processing accounts for visitors and visitors under 18

IT facilities at the University are available for visiting students under the age of 18.  These might be required for short courses and 'taster' sessions.  The following rules apply to these accounts:

  • An audit trail must be created to identify who uses each account and when they are used.
  • A University of Suffolk staff member should be identified to liaise with IT Services when making requests.
  • The accounts have full access to the Internet.
  • No 'content filtering' is applied to Internet access.
  • Child Protection issues are assumed to be supervised as recommended by the 'Access to IT Policy for Under-18s.' This policy can be found further down the page.  The IT Service Desk does not need to know any names of the users under 18.
  • Any data that needs to be saved when using one of these accounts is best saved to personal storage, such as USB storage.  Please do not save to the PC you are using.

Please read the below Policy and guide before contacting the IT Service Desk:

IT Policy for Under 18's Process for ordering IT accounts for Under 18's 

Activation process

  • IT Services will enable accounts for requested start date/time.
  • Accounts will be randomly tested after activation and prior to issue.

Deactivation process

  • IT Services will disable accounts at requested finish date/time.
  • Items saved on 'the desktop' will be deleted


  • Any issues should be reported directly to the IT Service Desk within the Infozone.

The 'audit trail'

  • The 'responsible staff member' will record named individual users for each used account, for all periods of use.
  • IT Services do not need to know individual names but the 'responsible staff member' should maintain the records for time determined by University's Data Protection Officer.

Software Evaluation Process

Staff members can make requests for new additional software, this will require sign-off from your line manager.  Software evaluation may take up to six weeks from submission, please follow the 'Additional Software Request Form' button at the bottom of this paragraph. Please complete and email it to ITServiceDesk@uos.ac.uk.  Any cost for software licenses may be payable by the department requesting the software.

Additional Software Request Form


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