Below are the policies and procedures that govern the use of the University of Suffolk's IT facilities. If you are using any of the IT facilities at the University, you are expected to abide by these policies and any breach may result in disciplinary action, as per the respective disciplinary process for staff and students. 


The aim of these regulations is to help ensure that the University’s IT facilities can be used safely, lawfully and equitably.

This Acceptable Use Policy covers the security and use of all University of Suffolk's information and IT facilities. It also includes the use of email, internet, voice and mobile devices. This policy applies to all University of Suffolk's students, staff, contractors and partners



The Change Control Policy is written inline with the IT Services Management (ITSM) Practices at the University of Suffolk. The policy is used to manage risk of changes made to corporate systems in production at the University.


Change Control



University of Suffolk operates a number of special purpose areas on campus housing equipment providing critical IT Infrastructure to the organisation (referred in the rest of this document as ‘data centres’ or ‘comms rooms’). As a part of IT Security, Data Protection and Service Availability best practice, this document defines the policies and procedures relating to access and conduct within Data Centre and Comms Room environments on the University Campus.


Comms Room
Access Policy



This document is intended to act as guidance for any new build, refurbishment or minor works at University of Suffolk that incorporates any networking related element of Information Technology (IT). It is impossible to provide for every situation in such a document, however it should cover most frequently asked questions and related issues expected to arise in such projects. 

Adherence to this document should ensure potential problems are minimised and handovers completed in a straightforward and timely fashion. 

Deviations from this document will only be allowed by written permission from any of the below personnel:

  • Head of IT Services
  • Director of IT Services
  • A nominated delegate of the Head or Director of IT


Data Cabling



Domain Names are the identifier used to present services to the internet, in a human readable format (as a counterpart to the computer readable ‘IP Address’)

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • Provide information on the management of Domain Names representing the University of Suffolk.
  • Outline operational standards and procedures used by the University in the management of Domain Names


Domain Name



The purpose of this document is to specify University of Suffolk policy on the acceptable use of University owned or licensed mobile devices. The policy aims to protect the University and its staff by encouraging best practice and by being safe while using mobile devices. The policy applies to all University staff that have been allocated mobile devices.


Mobile Device



This policy is for the commissioning and maintenance of the data points located at the University of Suffolk Ipswich Campus. This includes the service level agreement for commissioning ports and how to request brand new ports to be installed.


Network Patching



IT facilities at the University are available for visiting students under the age of 18.  These might be required for short courses and 'taster' sessions.  Subject to the following points: 

  • A University of Suffolk supervising member of staff should be identified to liaise with IT Services when making requests. 
  • An audit trail identifying users is the responsibility of the supervising member of staff. IT Services do not require access to this information.
  • All accounts will have access to the internet subject to our Content Filtering Policy.
  • Safeguarding is the responsibility of the supervising member of staff. Please see University of Suffolk Safeguarding Policy and the IT services Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Section 7 of the IT policy for under 18's covers what to do if a safeguarding issue arises.
  • Please make sure you are familiar with all policies before making a request to the IT Service Desk. 



The Scanning, Printing and Photocopying Policy is published by IT Services ​in support of the University. Any breach of copyright law constitutes a breach of the acceptable use policy, please also see the university's resources on copyright below. 

The policy supports:-

  • Environmental Sustainability: By promoting sustainable printing practices and reducing the universities carbon footprint.
  • Cost Control: By ensuring that the printer fleet is maintained at an appropriate size for the institution, that cost effective alternatives to printing are encouraged and supported, and that cost recovery mechanisms are integrated in the service and attendant processes.
  • Academic Strategy: By supporting the university's move towards becoming a ‘Digital University’.


Scan, Print and
Copy Policy





This Service Level Agreement (SLA) lays out the service provided by the IT Service Desk to staff, students and guests at the University of Suffolk.

The mission, functions and agreements in this document are aligned as closely as possible to the core business values, demands and requirements of the University. Every effort will be made to fulfil present and future needs of the University in a timely manner. 


Staff members can make requests for new or additional software, this will require approval from your line manager.  Software evaluation may take up to six weeks from submission, please email the IT Service Desk on and provide the following information.

  • Department/School
  • Software Name and Version
  • Supplier Name, Supplier Contact and Website
  • How many PCs and or laptops will require the software? Is this likely to change?
  • Business Justification for the Software
  • Normal process for software evaluation lasts up to six weeks. Date/event by which solution is required
  • Costs and Licence Model (e.g. per seat/perpetual):

Any cost for software licenses may be payable by the department requesting the software.



In order to protect University of Suffolk users and data from websites that may host malicious, destructive and illegal content, or that may otherwise be in breach of the University communities various policies, we filter access to certain websites from campus PC's, Laptops and associated services such as the 'eduroam' and 'SuffolkUni' WiFi services. The full policy is available here.


Web Content
Filtering Policy