In order to unlock your account you will have had to previously setup an account at


  • Once you’re at the password reset portal select the second option down “unlock my account”

  • At the “enter your username” screen please take extra care to input your user login accurately, for a student this will be your student number, a staff member will be their employee number and a partner or visitor will be their partner or visitor number. Click “Next” to continue.

  • A randomised security question will be given which you would have previously setup when activating your account. There is a tickbox to allow you to see your answer, please bear in mind that this is case sensitive!

  • A text message will be sent through to your phone when you click next to the next screen (this can take a couple of minutes to come through, please make sure you’re in an area with signal).

  • The text message will provide you with a message from ITServices with a “one time password” which is 6 digits long. Enter this in the password box and click “Finish”.

  • If you entered everything correctly, you should see the following loading icon.

  • And then a message to say that your account is unlocked!