To manually reset your password online you need to set yourself up to use the reset portal by visiting,


  • When you visit the password reset site, this is the first page you will see. You will need to select “My Account”:


  • You then need to login with your student/employee/partner/visitor number and UCS password(i.e. s123456)


  • After you have logged in it will take you through a setup guide, click “Next >” to begin:


  • You will be asked to add an email address, please use a different email address to the UCS account you are setting up! Then click Next:


  • You will then be asked to add a mobile number. This is used to send a temporary password to your phone, which allows you to reset your password and/or unlock your account:


  • After clicking Next, you will then have to setup your security questions, a minimum of 2 is required:


  • Click next and you will get a page similar to this:


  • Click Finish and your profile will complete its setup:


  • When you click close you will see your dashboard and everything is now ready to use: