Welcome to the University of Suffolk from the Digital & IT team


We've created this FAQ to answer some of the questions you may have as you begin your career at the University of Suffolk. Click on the questions to find out more.

The Service Self-Service Portal, Minerva, is your single point of contact to report any IT faults or raise IT service requests during your career at the University of Suffolk.

Minerva (https://minerva.uos.ac.uk) will allow you to:

  • Raise and check progress on your support tickets.
  • Access our knowledge base to find out how to complete common tasks.
  • Access additional training (i.e. Multifactor Authentication set-up or Self Service Password Resets).

You may also contact the IT Service Desk by phone at +44 (0)1473 338222, or visit us at the Student Centre (Waterfront building, ground floor) between the hours below.

  • Monday to Thursday: 08:45 to 17:15
  • Friday: 08:45 to 16:45
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: Closed


Our IT Service Desk Analysts are actively monitoring all IT faults, IT service requests, and calls into the IT Service Desk between these hours.

Staff will not tolerate abusive language or threatening behaviour.

You should receive your username and password from your line manager or a Human Resources representative during your induction. Your username and password will allow you to access a number of services at the University of Suffolk.

It’s important to set up your security profile and change your password when you start.

Refer to our guide for changing your password for more information.

During our new starter process, your line manager would have been sent a new starter form to fill in. This asks for any equipment that may need to be provided for you and if you need access rights to mailboxes and folders. If this form hasn't been completed, we may not have equpment ready for you. Please check with your line manager to see if the form has been completed.

Your line manager should have requested a unique extension telephone number for you prior to your arrival, if you require one as part of your job role. This is usually requested before you start by your line manager, who should have filled in the New Starter Form. If this hasn't been completed, please advise them to fill it in using the box above this section. If it has been filled in, the Digital & IT team will provide your line manager with the information you need to log into the phone and set up voicemail. 

If you require any additional guidance in using your phone, please check our how-to information, or contact the IT Service Desk.

Once your University of Suffolk account is active, and we’ve received your photo, we’ll issue your ID Card.

Your ID Card has a number of purposes, including:

  • Accessing controlled doors on campus
  • Using the MFDs/Printers across the Ipswich Campus
  • Loaning books and resources from the Library

It’s important to carry your ID Card with you at all times whilst on Campus. If you require access to specialist areas (such as laboratories), your line manager will need to contact our ID Cards team on idcards@uos.ac.uk.

As a staff member at the University of Suffolk, you are eligible to use the eduroam wireless network. Eduroam is a secure wireless service developed for the Higher Education and Research community, and is available across a number of participating institutions.

Click below for more information and device-specific guides.


WiFi guide

There are a number of Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) located in staff and open access areas across the Ipswich Campus.

We use a print service and management tool called PaperCut. There are two major benefits for using the PaperCut system:

  • You can send print jobs from any desktop or laptop connected to the University of Suffolk network
  • You can release print jobs from any of the MFDs/Printers across the Ipswich Campus

You’ll need to register your ID Card to the print service the first time you use one of the MFDs. There are guides for printing, copying and scanning using the MFDs on our IT Services pages.

You may require access to additional resources as part of your job. Your line manager will need to make a request for these via the IT Service Desk.

Examples of when your line manager should contact us:

  • You need access to protected areas on the shared network drive
  • You need access to a shared mailbox
  • You need a specialist program installed on your PC *
  • You need to be added to an email distribution list

* If you require access to the SITS application, your line manager should submit the SITS User Login Request Form to the Management Information Team. The form is available in the Staff Information area of MySuffolk.


SITS Login
Request form

Now is a good time to become familiar with some of the other IT-related tasks that will help you with your day-to-day job. Refer to our guides installing Microsoft Office at home. View information about using the Audio-Visual equipment at the Ipswich Campus. Protect your data by learning how to identify spam and phishing emails.