When you send something to print, you send this to a ‘virtual’ print queue, rather than to a specific printer. This means you can release your print job from any of the MFDs across campus.  
There are two queues to choose from, PaperCutBW and PaperCutColor. If you want to print in colour, you must send this to the PaperCutColor queue. Here’s what the two queues look like after clicking File > Print in Word:

If you haven’t already done so, associate your ID Card with the MFDs by following this guide.


Register your
ID Card

Once associated, whenever you need to release your print jobs you can hold your ID Card next to the card reader marked on the MFD. You can then select jobs to print or print all your pending jobs.   
If you haven’t associated your card, you’ll need to manually enter your username and password using the touch panel on the MFD. 


There are MFDs in all Open Access areas at the Ipswich Campus. 
If you are a staff member, you’ll find additional MFDs located in staff-only areas. 

For the following issues only, please contact the FM Helpdesk on fmhelpdesk@uos.ac.uk or 01473 338111: 

  • The MFD has run out of paper, toner or staples 

  • The MFD indicates the Waste Toner Box is full 

For all other issues, please contact the IT Service Desk via Minerva or 01473 338222. 

When reporting a fault, please provide the location and asset number of the MFD. The asset number is shown on the front of the MFD, like below: