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Whether it be the latest smartphone you have just purchased, or the latest in wearable tech, technology surrounds everyday life, from making a cup of tea to sitting down and catching up on the latest news. All of which has been integrated seamlessly into our lives, but there is always the question of 'Am I getting the most out of what I have bought?' As we all know, the more technology advances the harder it can become to understand, you want to stay up to date but don't want to be left feeling like you have just bought something, and you don't fully understand the functions or features. In this Section we will cover everything from the latest news on tech, to guides showing you how to get the most of your Gadgets and Gizmo's, we'll teach you to better understand the technology available to you and how to use it in the best way that suites you.

In some of the sections below you will be able to learn more about your Tablet and your Smartphone and much much more. Whether it be adding email accounts to your device, or how to set it up for the very first time, everything you need to know. Follow the appropriate button below for help with your device.

If there are any guides that you would like to see for a specific device, or any specific function you would like to know more about, or if you would like to know what we think of certain bits of kit. Please contact us and let us know.


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How do i view the presentations and files uploaded from a lecture? This new layout is so confusing and i can't seem to find anything that is actually useful to me. I know this is in the technology section but I couldn't figure out where else to leave a comment.

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Hi Freya, when you say viewing the files from your lectures I have a feeling you are referring to LearnUCS which is the Virtual Learning Environment where students upload their assignments and lecturers place their work as well. This site is the ITS Pages where we publish help guides and general information for the systems we have in place at UCS. To view your modules and course information you will need to visit: and you should be able to find the resources you require. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on 01473 338222 and we will be happy to help! Many Thanks, Jamie Lawrence (IT Service Response Technician)

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