The guides on this page will show you how to add your University of Suffolk email account to your Android device. You can add your email account by using Microsoft's Outlook app, or by using a mail app on your device (such as Gmail). Please click on the below guides for more information.

Please note that Microsoft sometimes changes the look of the Outlook app, and versions of Android may differ in appearance. However, the information you need to set up your account will be the same. 

If you have any problems adding your email account using these guides, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance. We can improve these guides using your feedback, so if we get anything wrong, let us know! 

This guide will show you how to add your University of Suffolk email account using Microsoft’s Outlook app. To follow the guide, please first download the Outlook app using Google Play, or your device’s own app store.


1. Open the Outlook app and press Get Started.



2. Enter your University email address. This will be your student number followed by (for example, Press Continue.



3. You will be re-directed to a University of Suffolk login. Enter your password. This is the same password you use for other University systems such as MySuffolk. Press Sign in.



4. You’ll receive confirmation that the account has been added, and asked if you want to add another account. Choose Skip.



5. Scroll through the features of the app, or press Skip.



6. You’re all done. Please note, depending on your network connection it may take a few moments for your emails and calendar items to appear.