Completing this checklist will help you prepare for Windows 10. There are only a few steps and completing them now will mean a better experience when you upgrade. 


If you don't sync your browser bookmarks and favourites to the cloud, you'll need to make sure you've exported these in Windows 7, so you can import them to Windows 10. Follow the links below for guidance:


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer


Any Sticky Notes you have saved in Windows 7 will not be tranferred automatically to Windows 10. Instead, you'll need to manually copy and save any Sticky Notes to a Notepad or Word document and then recreate them in Windows 10.

The Sticky Notes app in Windows 10 allows you sign in with your University of Suffolk account, so once you've recreated them, you can sync and view your Sticky Notes across different Windows 10 devices.

We have created a Help and Information page to answer some of the questions you might have about the upgrade process and how it affects you. Click here to access the Help and Information page.

We've also created a Getting Started section, based on the queries we received during the Windows 10 pilot. This includes guides about finding the applications, systems and resources you are used to, as well as introducing some new Windows 10 features. 

The Getting Started page will be updated with any further queries we receive during the wider roll-out of Windows 10.

Any shared mailboxes that appeared on your Windows 7 Outlook account will not be transferred automatically to Windows 10. Please ensure that you have noted all of the shared mailboxes that you have access to and the corresponding passwords. If you are unsure of a mailbox password, please contact the IT Service Desk.