In order for the telephone to recognise you (and your settings), you will need to firstly login with your extension number and PIN. You can use any telephone of your choice across campus and login with the same details wherever you are. 


If you are logged in at your desk and then move to a different location to login, you will need to remember to log back in when you return to your desk. You cannot be signed in to multiple phones at the same time. 

Prior to following these steps, you will need to have your 5-digit extension number to be able to login (e.g. 38000).  


  1. Press Login/Logout or *24

The screen will present “No User Logged In” 

* = Login 

  1. After pressing * the screen will now ask you to Enter Your Ext#:  

  1. Please enter your 5-digit extension number, followed by # 

  1. You will now be asked to ENTER YOUR PIN 

  1. You will now need to enter your PIN (this has been pre-set to your 5-digit extension number), followed by # 

  1. The screen should now say LOGIN COMPLETED 


To check that you are logged in, you can press Login/Logout. The screen should present (For example: USER: Your name here)

You will need to ensure that you dial 9 to reach an outside line. If you press the ‘0’ key, you will be directed to our Switchboard/Reception team. 


Use this key to login with your extension number (your PIN is the same 5 digit number currently). 

Forwarding On/Off 

Forwards your calls to the number you have pre-programmed via the blue SuperKey. 

Pick Up (Local Group) 

Some teams identified that they were in a group and wanted to be able to pick up other colleagues calls by a light flashing on their own handset. 

Group Telephone 

This will ring when your external group number rings should your department have one.  This also relates to the auto-attendant on the main switchboard number. 

Do Not Disturb 

Puts all your calls direct to voicemail and lets others know you are not free.  Don’t forget to turn it off or things are going to be very quiet! 

Message Waiting Key 

If your ring group has a message this will be lit and all members who know the voicemail PIN will be able to pick up the message. 

Release Key 

A nice way to put a call through when you transfer.  Essential for headset users too as this is the only way they can transfer a call. 

In Case of Emergency 

This will forward to the University's Security Team and can be used to get First Aid assistance.

Call History 

Displays calls made by you, calls received by you and missed calls. 

Call Voicemail 

Allows you quick access to your voicemail system even when you do not have a message waiting. 


Not used at the present time on all phones.  Allows you to toggle between calls. 

Can be programmed to other functions. 

Main Line 1 

This is the line all your calls will arrive on.  If this line is flashing you either have an incoming call or you have a call on hold.  The lamp will be a steady green light when you are on a call.