Here are some useful guides to setting up hosting and joining internal meetings via Teams. 

You can find some useful information from Microsoft for getting started with teams meetings by clicking below.


Meeting in Teams 


To schedule a meeting directly from Microsoft Teams.


This method of conferencing is suitable for internal meetings and meetings with colleagues external to the university that have a microsoft account and access to Teams. 


From Teams, click on "Calendar" on the left side menu



Next, in the top right hand corner click "+ New meeting"



Now you can fill out the details of your meeting and add attendees. 



Once you have filled out all the details click on "Send" in the top right hand corner. 



This event has now been added to your calendar 



Click on the calendar event to open it. You will now see the joining information for the meeting in the description section, this is what all your attendees will see.

Now click join 



Once you have clicked join you will be taken to the lobby were you can turn on your microphone and camera as required and then click "join now" to start the meeting. 



If you have accepted an invitation to a to a Teams meeting you can join the meeting by visiting the calendar tab inside teams. 



Then look for the meeting in your calendar.



Click on the meeting you wish to join and look for the "Join" button in the top right hand side of the screen.