Below you will find guides on some of the actions you need to take before you begin your studies off campus. These are important steps to ensure you are able to complete your studies while away from campus.  

Data protection and digital security are important to consider, please click below to find out more about how you can stay safe while studying from home.


Digital Safety


If you ever forget your password, or need to unlock your account, you can do this yourself 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a web browser by using the Password Reset Portal.  

To use the Password Reset Portal, you must first be registered. It’s important to set this up before you need to reset your password. Please do so now.   

Once you have registered for the service you can reset your password, or unlock your account, via any web browser or Smartphone web browser. There is also an App available on Android and iOS that can be used on your smartphone. 



Information about accessing the Password Reset Portal and registering for self-service is available by clicking here. 


Password Reset


To access your student e-mails you need to use Office online. Please visit and sign in using your E For example: When working off campus you will be prompted to enter your password as well. 


PLEASE NOTE, If you try to log in using your name format, for example, you will NOT be able to log in, you must use your E 

If you are using a mobile phone to access your e-mails you need to download the Microsoft Outlook app from either the Android Play store or the Iphone App store. 

With in this app and via the web browser you can access your student e-mail inbox and your calendar of lectures and sessions. Please note that the calendar will only show sessions for modules that you are enroled on so please ensure you are enrolled on all the correct modules.

To access MySuffolk while you are off Campus click here

When prompted you will need to enter your username (for example S123456) and your password.

From My Suffolk you can access, your student Emails, OASIS, Library and Learning Services, and Brightspace as well as much more. 


You can access Brightspace by clicking here and entering your student number and password when prompted. Alternatively you can sign in to MySuffolk and find Brightspace in the menu. 

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can also download the Pulse: Brightspace App from the App store or Google Play store to access your module content on the go. 


You can use OASIS to change your personal details or submit an extenuating circumstances form. 

First, log in to MySuffolk by clicking here and enter your student number and password. 

Once you’ve logged in to MySuffolk, click the OASIS button on the homepage.

For a guide to uploading files to One Drive please click below. 


Uploading files


If you have work and files store in your My Document's folder on campus that you need access to but are unable to access campus please Email the IT service Desk.

The university provides access to Brightspace and Microsoft Teams to help you work collaboratively online.

These systems are supported by the IT Service desk and the Learning Services team. It is our advice that staff and students use these tools for online collaboration. 

Other popular video conferencing and social media tools are available for collaborative working but these are unsupported and therefore the IT Service desk cannot assist if something goes wrong. 

There are cases where external collaborators are unable to use the supported tools mentioned above. In those cases, use of unsupported conferencing applications or social media may be reasonable but consider the data protection policy and acceptable use policy before you begin. 

Sensitive or confidential information should not be shared when using unsupported platforms or social media. If you are unsure, please consult your line manager in the first instance.

IT Services have based this advice on recommendations from across UK Higher Education regarding the use of online collaboration tools. The advice from the sector is that students and staff should use those tools officially deployed and supported by their own university. This is not to say other platforms cannot be used. Use of unsupported platforms may be unavoidable when collaborating with external partners.


If you are required to visit campus you may want to make use of the on campus wi-fi. For more information on connecting to the wi-fi on campus please click below.