There are several options available for saving your documents. We recommend using OneDrive, which allows you to access your files both on and off campus.

Students and staff have access to OneDrive storage through your Office 365 login. OneDrive allows you to save documents and access them from anywhere in the world. We recommend this as a place to back-up work you have completed at home and on University premises. OneDrive also offers version control so your documents can be restored, if required.

Access your OneDrive

All Staff and Students have a My Documents folder. You can access this folder from a University PC or laptop via my computer or the documents shortcut in the start menu.  

Please note, there is no set storage quota for this area but under Section 8 of the Acceptable Use Policy, "You must not deliberately or recklessly consume excessive IT resources". If the size of your “My documents” is deemed to be in excess of fair use, IT Services will contact you to help reduce the size of your personal drive. 

Be aware of these file types, which can take up a large amount of storage space: 

  •     Video files (avi, mp4, mkv) 

  •     Images (jpg, gif, bmp, png) 

  •     Audio (mp3, wma, wav, aac) 

  •     Compressed Files and CD/DVD Images (iso, raw, zip) 

Your desktop is not for permanent storage of files. Data stored on your desktop will drastically increase the login time for your profile across campus PCs. The desktop is available for temporary storage during a work session, make sure to save any files placed on the desktop in an alternative location before logging off. 

We suggest you save your documents in three places to prevent data loss or corruption. Places to save work could include, your personal PC/Mac/Laptop, an external hard drive/USB stick, OneDrive, and on our campus PCs. 

Please note that we cannot always recover lost or corrupted data and therefore we advise you to back up every piece of work you produce.  

Be aware, the Extenuating Circumstances panel are highly unlikely to accept appeals due to lost or corrupted files. Make sure your work is saved and backed-up. If in doubt, you can always Email work to yourself.