If you ever forget your password, or need to unlock your account, you can do this yourself 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a web browser by using the Password Reset Portal.  

To use the Password Reset Portal, you must first be registered. It’s important to set this up before you need to reset your password. Please do so now.   

Once you have registered for the service you can reset your password, or unlock your account, via any web browser or Smartphone web browser. There is also an App available on Android and iOS that can be used on your smartphone. 

If you have forgotten your password and you have not registered for self-service you will need to contact the IT Service Desk by Email.  



Information about accessing the Password Reset Portal and registering for self-service is available by clicking here. 


Password Reset


Before logging a ticket with the IT Service Desk, have you tried the following steps?


  • Resetting my password


Password reset portal


  • Clear the cache on my web browser


Clear Cache


  • Use an alternative Browser or open an Incognito Window 


Incognito Window


Please note, if you CAN successfully log in to MySuffolk, this is an indication that your password is correct and from an IT perspective your account is fully functional. You may need to seek assistance from your Course Administrator/Learning Services you are unable to sign into Brightspace, or the Infozone for other issues.


If you are trying to access a shared mailbox via Office Online (Office 365) you can find guidance on the getting started page by clicking below.


Getting Started


Or if you are using the Outlook App you can click here for guidance. 


Outlook App


In the first instance, please carefully follow the Remote Desktop guide that was sent to you from IT Services. If you have followed the guide and cannot gain access, please log a ticket with the IT Service Desk.

Please note, do NOT turn off your Remote Desktop after using it, best practice is to log off. If you accidentally turn off your Remote Desktop, please contact the Service Desk.


N Drive access is only available off-site via a secure connection, which IT Services are setting up on a case by case basis if approved by your line manager.

If you require access to critical documents within the N:Drive and neither yourself or a peer that can source the document for you, have access, please raise a ticket with itservicedesk@uos.ac.uk.

However, there are much simpler and quicker ways for you to access shared documents via Teams and SharePoint. Remember, if a colleague already has access to your shared N: drive it is really quick and easy for them to move any document you need into Teams or SharePoint.

We strongly recommend that the Head or Director of department nominates one or more individuals who can co-ordinate upload of documents to Teams (or SharePoint) in a planned and co-ordinated manner. IT Services are more than happy to provide best practice guidance on transferring files to either SharePoint or Teams. Microsoft guidance can also be found here.


Upload to Teams


All staff can access their University voicemail off campus, guidance can be found clinking the link below. 




I would like to set up a face-to-face tutorial with my students / I would like to set up a face-to-face meeting with colleagues, what’s the recommended software for doing this?


Learning Services recommend using Virtual Classroom to conduct face-to-face tutorials with students, Teams and Skype for Business can also be used to meet with your colleagues. 




in teams


Microsoft Teams allows you to work and collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere with only an internet connection and a web browser.

To access Microsoft Teams please visit www.office.com and sign in using your E Number@uos.ac.uk For example: E1234567@uos.ac.uk. When working off campus you will be prompted to enter your password as well. Once signed in you can select Teams from your available apps.


How to create
a Team site


to teams


in teams


If you need to use Adobe software at home, as an essential part of your daily work, we can provide you with two options to make this software available.


  • Are you using a University of Suffolk managed device? If yes, please contact us via our ITServiceDesk email so that the Service Desk can deploy the software installation to your machine.


  • Are you using a personal device? If yes, please refer to the “Adobe at Home” guide here.


Adobe at home


Please note that we cannot guarantee the performance of any software product on your personal device.


If you are looking for alternatives to Adobe CC due to financial or system limitations we have compiled a list of some available alternatives that won't put a strain on your computer, laptop or wallet. 


Adobe CC alternatives

If you’ve checked our IT Services website and still require assistance, please log a ticket by e-mailing the IT Service Desk using itservicedesk@uos.ac.uk or by clicking the link below.

To enable the Service Desk to help you as efficiently as possible, please ensure that you include the below information about your device when raising a ticket.


  • Make/Model of device.


  • Operating System.


  • Web browsers available.


  • Wi-Fi/Wired internet download/upload speeds.


Please be aware that the Support Ticket Portal is currently unavailable off campus. Please Email Itservicedesk@uos.ac.uk with the above information to generate a support ticket. If you are on campus you can click here to log a support ticket.  


 More Advice

Resources, guides, tips and tricks to help you while working from home.


Home Broadband and Wifi


Digital safety while working remotely


Remote working