If you are hosting an event with external speakers, please use this checklist to ensure smooth running of your event.

Please be aware that the Audio Visual equipment installed at the University of Suffolk is set up for standard teaching sessions.

Bookable by staff only

If you or your guest speakers need help or advice using the equipment at the University of Suffolk, we recommend booking a training session with our audio visual engineer. This will need to be in advance of the day of the event. 

Book Here


These sessions are ideal for answering any questions you might have about using the audio visual equipment. They are also a great opportunity to discuss whether your event requires external support. Sessions typically last between thirty minutes to an hour.  

The PC in the room is connected to the Projector and has PowerPoint installed. If you have your presentation on a USB memory stick you are welcome to use this PC. Make sure to check presentations work on a University of Suffolk networked PC prior to the day of the event.

Please note a guest login will not allow Internet access on the PC. Please make sure your presentation does not contain any links to the Internet if you are using this account to log in.

If you are presenting from a laptop and require Internet access, you can connect to either SuffolkUni or eduroam Wi-Fi.

SuffolkUni is our free, self-service Guest Wi-Fi for visitors who do not have eduroam credentials from their home institution. 

Make sure you have the appropriate adaptors for your laptop to connect to a VGA cable. While we are updating our installed equipment, we CANNOT guarantee that all rooms have HDMI connections available. 

Make sure your memory stick is not encrypted. Email a copy of your presentation to yourself or save it to cloud storage so that you can access it in case you cannot access your presentation.  

Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones are available for use in Lecture Theatre 1, Lecture Theatre 2, Waterfront Auditorium and A001.  Hearing loops are also installed in these rooms. Remember that you need to use the microphones to get the hearing loops to work. For more information about our wireless microphones please click below.   




While we are updating our equipment you may find some projectors are set up differently.  Be prepared for aspect ratios of either 4:3 and 16:9.