Please be aware that the IT Service Desk offer support for Linux on a ‘best efforts’ basis only. Functionality for Office 365 on Linux mail programs is limited, and we recommend accessing this via a web browser for full features.

The guide below will show you how to add your University of Suffolk email account to the Mozilla Thunderbird Mail program, available on most Linux distributions.

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and from the ‘Set up an account’ menu click Email



2. Enter your name, followed by your University of Suffolk email address and password. The email address is your staff number followed by (for example, Your password is the same one you use for other University systems such as MySuffolk. Click Continue



3. You will receive a message that Thunderbird failed to find the settings automatically. 



4. Enter the following information in the advanced configuration boxes: 


Incoming (IMAP) server hostname: 


Outgoing (SMTP) server hostname: 


Username: Your staff number followed by (for example, 


You can leave all other settings to ‘Auto’ and ‘Autodetect’. 



5. Click Re-test. Thunderbird will query Office 365 to complete the Port, SSL and Authentication fields. A message will indicate that the settings have been found. 



6. Click Done. Your University of Suffolk emails will start syncing to Thunderbird. Please be aware this may take some time.