How to download software from Software Center

1. Type ‘software center’ in the search bar at the bottom left of your desktop.



2. Open the application.


3. Find the application you wish to download, under the ‘Application’ tab.



Please note you can use the search function (top right of the window). Or you can filter the list of applications using the drop-down menu.


4. Click on the software icon, and then click ‘install’.



You will know the software has finished installing, as the ‘Install’ button will change to ‘Uninstall’, and the status of the software will change from ‘Available’ to Installed’.



5. Click the start button to view your new software in the list of applications.



Please note, you can ‘pin’ this application to the start menu or taskbar if you need easier access – simply right click on the icon to see the list of options.



If you have any issues with the software installation, please contact IT Services on or call us on 01473 338 222.