Having trouble with the audio visual equipment in your teaching room? Below is a list of commonly asked questions and guides.

  1. Check that the IMAGE BLANK button has not been pressed.

  2. Switch on the document camera and press DOC CAM.If the document camera is displayed it would indicate an issue with the source device.

  3. Check that the HDMI connector is plugged into the wall socket.

  4. Check that HDMI cable has not been unplugged from rear of projector

  1. The projector will only power up if it has cooled down enough since last use. Check that the LED indicator is steady green.

  2. If no LED, check power cable on rear of projector

  3. If flashing, power down projector, allow to cool (steady green light) and power up again.

  1. Check that monitor is switched on (blue LED bottom right)

  2. Check display setting on PC.Graphics outputs should be set to ‘cloned’ (duplicate displays) and should have resolution of 1920 x 1080.

  1. Check control panel is not muted (volume LEDs flashing)

  2. Check volume is turned up on control panel (2 or 3 segments of the LED display lit)

  3. Check that the corresponding input is selected for source device in use

  4. Check volume is turned up on the PC or input device

  5. In case of PC input, check that the VP-440 is selected as the default audio device - Windows Control Panel>Sound>Playback

  6. Check audio amplifier is powered on - power light should be green. A red light would indicate that the source device is not outputting sufficient audio signal.

  7. Check that the the signal LEDs are lighting up on the front of the amplifier

  8. Check that the Speakon connector is connected to the wall input plate. The connector insert and rotates clockwise to lock.

  1. This would indicate that there is no power to the TeamMate console.

  2. Check the fused spur outlet, at floor level, is switched on.

Check that the 12v trigger jack is connected to the rear of the projector.

Yes, you can make use of the projector. With a staff account you can use the PC and select PC on the control panel. Alternatively, you are welcome to use your own laptop and plug into the desk via HDMI or VGA, then select Laptop from the control panel.

Only a few of the larger lecture theatres have roaming microphones that can be loaned from the Reception desk. To learn more about how to use these microphones please click below.


Wireless Microphones