ID Card Requirements

In order for your ID Card to be produced, we require a suitable picture of you to put on it. There are a list of conditions it must meet, fail to do so may result in the delay of processing your ID Card. If your picture does not meet our criteria you will receieve an email stating the reason for rejection and will be asked to send a more appropriate image.

The photo must meet the following criteria:

  • Portrait Orientation
  • Passport Style Photo
  • In a JPEG format
  • No Snapchat filters (or any other filter)
  • Your face must be visible (i.e. no sunglasses/hair covering face)
  • File must be named with your Student Number
  • Taken on a plain backgorund with sufficient lighting (no objects/people in the background)

You can upload your photo via the applicant portal within the My Application section. You will see a link titled ‘Click here to upload your photo’. Please note when submitting, it may not give you feedback whether it has gone through. If you are concerned it hasn't please contact the ID Cards team.

If you experience problems uploading a photo or are unable to upload a photo you can email one in JPEG format to with your full name, date of birth and student number. If you do not have the facility to upload a photo, you can have a photograph taken in the Infozone free of charge, however we recommend you submit a photo prior to Induction as a delay in receiving your ID card could mean you have limited access to our facilities. Please ensure you check your email after the upload and take any necessary action.



Hi just wondering do I need an ID as all of my studies are done at my place of work, I only come to the university for graduation. Please

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Hi Michelle,

I believe you will still need an ID Card for your course regardless if you come on site or not. If you needed to use any of the facilities on campus (including the Library), you must have an ID Card with you anyway so we produce them for all new starters based at Ipswich. According to the Applicant Portal, you will be onsite on Wednesday 20th September for induction and therefore will need a card to be produced: You will need to submit a photo via the applicant portal if you haven't done so already or send a JPEG photo to the below email address.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01473 338222 or via

Kind Regards,

Jamie Lawrence
IT Service Response Technician

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