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The IT Services Department (ITS) is split into 4 support teams that deliver a number of vital services to the University. IT Services follow a global standard for the delivery of IT to the University of Suffolk, called the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)This provides us guidelines on best working practices and the delivery of IT Service Management.

The department's structure is pictured below:

IT Service Desk

The Service Desk team are the Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for all users at the University of Suffolk and are classed as a 1st/2nd line support team. Their overall responsibility is to process requests and issues submitted by end users and being the public face of the IT Services Department.

The team are based in the Infozone on the Ipswich Campus, where you will find the IT Service Desk. Here we deal with all walk-in queries, provide telephone support and process user enquiries via our online ticketing system "iTop". This system allows us to create, track and respond to all of our users queries. When an email is sent to the group email address "itservicedesk@uos.ac.uk", a ticket is automatically created by iTop for us to then process.

The IT Service Desk Team currently comprises of 3 Analysts:

Name Title Contact Details Photo
Jamie Lawrence

IT Service Desk Analyst


DDI: 01473 338373

Cameron Grant IT Service Desk Analyst


DDI: 01473 338376

Melissa Barber IT Service Desk Analyst


DDI: 01473 338374


Communication Services

Communication Services is the team that deals with all the Audio Visual equipment across the campus, the telephone system and works very closely with the Service Desk and Desktop Services Teams. This team is based in Sir Thomas Slade Court where the rest of IT Services are also based. 

Name Title Contact Details Photo
Andrew Farthing Communication Services Engineer


DDI: 01473 338493


Desktop Services

Desktop Services are our 2nd line support team and assist the Service Desk when an issue can no longer be fixed by the Service Desk Technicians. They also have responsibility for managing the whole estate of desktop PCs, laptops and Apple Macs. Desktop are involved with the purchasing and deployment of new IT equipment and manage the software licensing for the whole campus; this includes Microsoft, SPSS and Atlas Ti.

Name Title Contact Details Photo
Dorian Goldsmith Desktop Services Engineer


DDI: 01473 338372

Enterprise Services

The Enterprise Services team are responsible for a wide range of services that keep the core IT infrastructure running. This includes but not limited to Local Area Network services, the running and maintenance of the University of Suffolk websites, e-mail platforms, file services and the bespoke account provisioning system; MESH.

This team consists of 6 members including the Enterprise Services Manager and 5 specialists who all manange varying aspects of the services we provide:

Name Title Contact Details Photo
Karl Bayes Enterprise Services Manager


DDI: 01473 338383

Ben Juby Web Developer


DDI: 01473 338624

James Rowe Web Developer


DDI: 01473 338384

Katrina Howard Infrastructure Analyst


DDI: 01473 338382

Mark Jaggard Infrastructure Analyst


DDI:01473 338379

Will Liebow Database Systems Integrator


DDI: 01473 338378

IT Services Management Team


Name Title Contact Details Photo
Peter O'Rourke      Director of IT Services                      


DDI: 01473 338339

John Herd Head of IT


DDI: 01473 338341

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