SuffolkUni (Guest)

Suffolk Uni

The below guidance will show you how to connect your personal Smartphone device to the new SuffolkUni (Guest) Wi-Fi


1. On the home screen of your device (this may vary between devices) navigate to your menu screen

2. From here scroll down and locate the settings Icon (normally depicted by a Cog)


3. Under settings scroll down and navigate to Wi-Fi

4. You will be presented with the below screen with a list of Wi-Fi networks that you are able to connect to. From here please select ‘SuffolkUni’


5. Once you have selected ‘SuffolkUni’ after a moment or two, you will see the words ‘ Connected, no internet’ underneath the Wi-Fi name

6. Once connected, you should receive a notification on your device, asking you to sign into the ‘SuffolkUni’ Wi-Fi. Please click this notification

7. By clicking this notificaiton, this will redirect you to the below web page. Please note if you have not received the notification, you can access the portal using the direct web link provided here

Please note IT Services will be unable to provide assistance for any lost or forgotten Social Media Credentials.

8. By clicking on the Form option, you will be asked to Agree to the ‘SuffolkUni’ Acceptable use Policy (this can be found here ‘link AUP here'

9. Once you have Agreed to the Terms and Conditions, you will be redirected to the below page. Please fill out all the information required


10. Once you have input all the relevant information you will asked to double check and confirm the mobile number you have provided:

11. Once you have pressed continue, the ‘SuffolkUni’ Wi-Fi service will send you a unique code via text to enter into a text box. This will confirm your mobile number, and confirm your registration.

Upon successful verification, the portal will close and you will be connected to ‘SuffolkUni’ Wi-Fi


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