Personal Security

Keeping your personal device, whether it may be a laptop, PC, mobile phone or tablet is a important aspect of maintaining your devices health and longevity as well as your own personal security. 

The idea of the having not only your device infected by malicious software, but your own personal security compromised is a scary thought. McAfee estimate that 'Cyber crime' cost industries up to a potential of $575 BILLION dollars in 2014 alone. While the figures are large, don't let them scare you! It's relatively easy and quick to secure your device and yourself with the use of protective software and exercising caution while browsing the internet.  

To help keep you and your belongings secure, ITS has created a list of recommended free software to protect you from malicious software which may try to infiltrate your device. We've also thrown in some maintenance software for good measure. Below our some of our recommendations*.


CCleaner - Maintains and cleans unwanted and unused files (typically where malicious content resides) as well as cleaning the Windows registry which helps maintain the performance of your device

Malware Bytes - Finds and removes Malware on your Windows device

AVG Free - A free Antivirus software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software 


We highly recommend ensuring your computer and device is also on the latest firmware. You would normally receive a notification informing you an update is ready but in the event of this feature being disabled we have included instructions below (in progress)



iPhone & iPad


Personal Security

Ever been offered large sums of money from a Prince in a far away land? Online scamming is something that has tormenting the internet for decades, usually through email and on malicious websites with the intent of invading your security to access personal funds and details. 

The Met Police have a very useful and informative document, 'The Little Book of Big Scams' that you can read to raise your awareness and prevention of scamming. Please read through the below PDF.




*Please note these are only recommendations. ITS cannot take responsibility for your personal devices and are in no way liable for any damages caused to them

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