Office 365 for Students

What you need to know before getting started


E-Mail Safety





Accessing Office 365 via Webmail


Setting Up Email on your Devices

Whilst each mobile device is different in design the below settings should assist you in setting up your email if you wish to explore the settings for setting up a new account manually.

To add a new email account using your devices native client (built in email app) select settings and add account. When prompted to select a type of account to add:

choose “Microsoft Exchange Active Sync”, this may also be labelled as simply “Exchange” or “Microsoft Exchange”.

Domain\Username: PLEASE IGNORE the default layout of this, in order for Office 365 to work you need to input your username and domain like the following.

Password: this is your password to login to the University network.

Exchange Server: please input the following -

Use Secure Connection (SSL): Please ensure that this box is ticked, this is simply the protocol used to establish a connection to the server.


Native Email Client (built in email app)

Microsoft Outlook App


Installing Office 365 on your home PC


Install Office 365 at Home



Turning Off Clutter on Office 365


Turning Off Clutter


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