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Welcome to the University of Suffolk from the IT Services team


We’ve created this FAQ to answer some of the queries you may have as you begin your studies at the University of Suffolk.

Below is our top 5 things you need to know when you first arrive:

How do I get help with IT?

The IT Service Desk is your single point of contact for any IT requests and problems during your studies at the University of Suffolk.

There are a number of ways to get support:

The IT Service Desk is open Monday to Thursday 08:45 - 17:15 and Friday 08:45 - 16:45.


What is my username and password?

You should have received your student number and password during the enrolment process, and you can use these to access a number of services at the University of Suffolk.

For most services, you’ll simply need to enter your student number and password. This includes:

  • Logging on to PCs / Macs on campus
  • MySuffolk, Learn, Library Resources

Only when accessing Office 365 (email) and the eduroam wireless network, you’ll need to add the suffix to your student number. For example, you’d need to enter as your username.

It’s important to register for the Password Self-Service Portal when you start, so you can reset your password if you ever forget it. Please click here for more information

How do I connect to WiFi?

As a student at the University of Suffolk, you are eligible to use the eduroam wireless network; eduroam is a secure wireless service developed for the Higher Education and Research community, and is available across a number of participating institutions.

More information and device-specific configuration guides can be found here

How do I access my e-mails?

All students are now using Microsoft’s Office 365 platform for e-mail. This includes access to the webmail client, OneDrive cloud storage, Word/Excel/PowerPoint Online, a number of online tools and integration of your course timetable.

Logging in requires your username followed by e.g. and then your University Password [Please note that if isn’t working you should use]

Office 365 Webmail




Can I download a copy of Office?

Yes! Your Office 365 account through the University of Suffolk allows you to install Microsoft Office on your personal devices. You can install up to five free copies of Microsoft Office on each device type, which includes:

  • Windows PCs / Laptops
  • Apple iMacs / MacBooks
  • Android, iOS and Windows phones/tablets

For assistance with installing Office, please click the button below:

Office 2016 Install Guide




When do I get my ID Card?

Once you’ve completed your enrolment, and we’ve received your photo, we’ll issue your ID Card.

Your ID Card has a number of purposes, including:

  • Accessing controlled doors on campus
  • Using the MFDs/Printers across the Ipswich Campus
  • Loaning books and resources from the Library

You must carry your ID Card with you at all times whilst on Campus. If you forget your ID Card, please visit Reception in the Waterfront Building, and the team will issue you with a temporary pass. 

Where do I save my files? 

When you are logged on to a university PC, you’ll have access to your Home Drive which contains folders like ‘My Documents’ and ‘Desktop’. These folders are linked to a network storage area, and can be accessed from any university PC.

You can also save files to your Office 365 OneDrive area, which you can access from any device that has internet access, both on and off campus.

USB drives can be a convenient way to move files, but we strongly recommend you regularly back up your work to at least two other locations (such as OneDrive or your Home Drive).

 Please refrain from saving to your desktop, doing so causes login times to increase and potentially causes issues with your user profile. Use your personal drive (named your username) which stores your files separately:

We suggest you save your documents in 3 places to prevent data loss or corruption. Places to save work could include; your personal PC/Mac/Laptop, an external hard drive/USB stick, the University’s OneDrive system and on our campus PCs.

Please note that we cannot always recover lost or corrupted data and therefore we advise you to back up every piece of work you produce.


Where can I print? 

There are a number of Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) located in open access areas across the Ipswich Campus.

We use a print service and management tool called PaperCut. There are two major benefits for using the PaperCut system:

  • You can send print jobs from any desktop or laptop connected to the University of Suffolk network
  • You can release print jobs from any of the MFDs/Printers across the Ipswich Campus

You’ll need to register your ID Card to the print service the first time you use one of the MFDs. There are comprehensive guides for printing, copying and scanning using the MFDs on our IT Services pages.   




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