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The Remote Docs service is available to all staff and students, it can be found in MyUCS on the left hand side under the sub-heading Useful Links.  This service will allow you to remotely gain access to your My Documents files and any files you have saved on to the desktop.

The service is designed to allow you secure remote access using an Internet enabled device.  It can be used on-campus if you are using the UCS Guest-Wi-Fi.  To access Remote Docs, the following page is displayed. Follow the buttons below for video guides on, how to Upload, and how to Download

Video Guide, Uploading Video Guide, Downloading





After entering your username and password and you will be presented with the Remote Docs screen ‘Welcome to the UCS Secure Access SSL VPN.’

The next screenshot shows the locations you can access: ‘My Documents’ folder and the 'Desktop' folder and for staff; access to any Shared Folders. 

Downloading and uploading documents from Remote Docs

The Remote Docs service provides you permission to transfer to and from the particular device you are using.  It is important to download the document before you start to edit it.

For example, if you are viewing these pages from your PC at home you should download documents to that device, edit the document(s), and save them onto your PC.  More detail on how to download and upload documents is listed below:

Downloading Files from Remote Docs

Select the files you wish to download, click the Download button.  When you click the Download button,the file(s) will be downloaded in a compressed .zip archive which you need provide a name for.  The saved file has to be ‘unzipped’ to access your work, double click on the Zip file to do this, now save the downloaded file to your PC and you can begin to edit it.

Uploading Files back to Remote Docs

Unfortunately this fuction is currently not working.  Until the upload function is restored, we suggest you email the file to your UCS address.  When you're back on campus, you can take the file from your email, and place it in the folder that it originally came from. Alternatively you can use a USB drive to transfer files from home to campus. 

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