File Services

All staff and Students have a My Documents folder, this is personal to you and has an unlimited storage space limit.  To access your My Documents folder you need to be logged in to a UCS PC or laptop, then click either the My Documents folder from the Start menu or in My Computer it is listed as H: drive.

To help you manage this area please take a look at the following useful tips.  Deleting files you no longer require will help improve performance of the system for all staff and students.

As a general guide, we would recommend deleting at the following file types, which can take up a large amount of storage space:

  •     Video/Film/Movies (files typically ending avi, mp4, mkv)
  •     Photographs and Artwork (files typically ending jpg, gif, bmp, png)
  •     Music and Audio (files typically ending mp3, wma, wav, aac)
  •     Compressed Files and CD/DVD Images (files typically ending iso, raw, zip)
  •     Please do remember to empty the Recycle Bin on your Desktop.

Remote Docs

You can access the contents of your My Documents folder and any documents you have saved on to your desktop when you are off campus.  This currently only allows you to download, allowing you to work on documents on your own computer.  Please do not use the upload feature as it's not functioning.  Until the upload function is restored, we suggest you email the file to your UCS address.  Please find a user guide below.

Remote Docs User Guide




Temporary Storage

Staff and students are entitled to exchange large files using the temporary storage drive rather than emailing the file.  To access this you need to be logged in to a UCS computer or laptop and then click My Computer it is listed as Public P: drive.  Please not that this is not a place to permanently store documents, documents in this drive are automatically removed after 30 days.  Please be aware that both staff and students will also be able to view and delete any files placed here.

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