Configure UCS email at home using Entourage 2008

Please note the below instructions only apply to those users how have not been migrated to Exchange 2010


These instructions will provide access to the following services:  Email, Contacts and Calendar (including free/busy service).  You will not have access to the following services: Notes, Tasks and the UCS address book.

From the main menus, look in the Tools menu for Accounts:


In the Accounts window, choose the New menu and select Exchange… You will see the Account Setup Assistant, click Configure Account Manually, and fill in the options (as below) substituting your own name, email address and account ID

Entourage Account Settings

Note that the domain is “UCS”, the Exchange server is “” and that the option labelled “This DAV connection service requires a secure connection (SSL)” is ticked. Then proceed to the Advanced tab and fill in the Public folders server address, as below:

Entourage Advanced Settings

Note again that the SSL option is ticked.

You are now ready to click OK and begin using your UCS email account.  Depending on how much data there is on the server, there may be a lengthy delay while the account is Synchronised.  During this period, you may send and receive mail, but some folders may appear incomplete, that is, your inbox may not contain all the messages that you would expect.

In order to view your mail, you may need to collapse the option in the list on the left labelled “On My Computer” and expand your newly created account.

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