Mac OS X User Guides

In this section you will learn the basics and fundimentals of using an Apple computer, better known as iMacs, Macbooks, and Mac Pro's.

Windows operated machines and OS X machines are different in many ways, and sometimes something that is done rather simply on one platform is not so easily done on another. The guides below will teach you everything from normal day to day functions to the more advanced features available in OS X and on Apple Machines.

If there is a guide you would like to see regarding Apple computers, or if you simply have any questions like 'how do i do this' leave us a comment or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mac Basics: IconsFinder, Dock, Launchpad, StacksSpotlight in YosemiteUsing the Apple MouseOS X Keyboard ShortcutsSetting And Changing User PasswordInstalling Applications From outside App StoreUsing Time MachineFormatting your Hard Drives Choosing the right File System for your Hard DriveFancy Some Fun? Dual Booting WindowsUpdating OS X

Edited By: Joshua Thompson

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