Using AV in the Atrium Building

Audio Visual Systems Operating Guide
University of Suffolk Atrium Lecture Rooms

Control Panel Operations

Each TeamMate console is fitted with an 8 button control panel. The panel provides control of all the audio visual system’s main functions.





Pressing the POWER ON/OFF will power up the projector and switcher.  During the power up sequence the button will flash and change colour from red to green.   The projector switches on straight away and after 15 seconds the electric projection screen will start to descend. The complete process takes 1m15s although an image will appear on the screen after approximately 30 seconds.  At power on the system will default to showing the PC input and will set the master volume to 60%.


The POWER OFF sequence is initiated by pressing the POWER ON/OFF button.  The projector and switcher will be switched off and after 15 seconds the electric screen will be raised. The process takes 1m15s however the fan in the projector may continue to run for some time afterwards while it cools down. During the cooling process the LED indicator on the projector will flash green.  The system should not be powered up again until the LED indicator is lit steady green.


If used, the document camera and PC need to be switched off independently.



Pressing the PC button selects the computer in the TeamMate rack.  Switching inputs takes 2 seconds, during which the button will illuminate orange.



Pressing the DOC CAM button selects the document camera located on top of the TeamMate.  Switching inputs takes 2 seconds, during which the button will illuminate orange. The document camera needs to be switched on prior to use using the switch located top right of the document camera.



Pressing the HDMI button selects an input from a device connected to the HDMI cable.  Switching inputs takes 2 second during which the button will illuminate orange. When using the HDMI cable, embedded audio will be transmitted from the source device via the HDMI cable.



Pressing the VGA button selects an input from a device connected to the VGA cable.  Switching inputs takes 2 second during which the button will illuminate orange. When using the VGA cable the 3.5mm jack cable should be connected to the source device if audio replay is required.


When VGA is selected, pressing the button a second time will initiate auto-image and the switcher will scale the source to the projection display. This process takes 5 seconds during which the VGA button will flash red.



The button is reserved for future connection of a wireless display device.



Pressing IMAGE FREEZE will freeze the projected display and mute the audio. During IMAGE FREEZE the button will flash. Pressing IMAGE FREEZE a second time will un-freeze the image. If any other input button is selected the image will un-freeze.



Pressing VIDEO BLANK will make the projector display a blank (black) screen and will also mute the audio. When selected the VIDEO BLANK button will flash.  Pressing VIDEO BLANK a second time will return the display to the current selected input.  If any other input button is selected the image will return to normal.



The volume control knob operates the master output of the switcher.  Turning clockwise will increase volume and turning anticlockwise will decrease the volume.  The 5 segment LED provides a visual indication of the overall volume.



Pressing the volume control knob will mute the audio.  While muted the 5 segment LED indicator will flash.  Pressing the volume control knob a second time will un-mute the audio and return it to the previously selected level.  Once muted, volume will remain muted while switching between inputs.


Energy Saving Functions



The room is fitted with a PIR sensor that reacts to movement in the room.  If the system has not detected movement AND no button has been pressed on the control panel for a period of 30 minutes the system will power down to save energy and prolong lamp life.


Each time movement is sensed the POWER ON/OFF button will blink orange. This provides visual indication that the sensor is operating correctly.



The audio amplifier is Energy Star Compliant and will automatically go into Standby mode when not in use. In Standby Mode the front panel power indicator will light red.  When the amplifier receives an audio signal it will automatically be brought out of Standby Mode and will produce amplified sound.



When the blank image button is pressed the projector will switch to low power mode to reduce energy consumption and prolong lamp life. Turning off image blank will revert the projector to normal operation.







The projector appears to be on but no image appears on screen.

  1. Check that the IMAGE BLANK button has not been pressed.

  2. Switch on the document camera and press DOC CAM.If the document camera is displayed it would indicate an issue with the source device.

  3. Check that the HDMI connector is plugged into the wall socket.

  4. Check that HDMI cable has not been unplugged from rear of projector

System power is on but the projector has not switched on

  1. The projector will only power up if it has cooled down enough since last use. Check that the LED indicator is steady green.

  2. If no LED, check power cable on rear of projector

  3. If flashing, power down projector, allow to cool (steady green light) and power up again.

PC does not appear on the local monitor on the TeamMate

  1. Check that monitor is switched on (blue LED bottom right)

  2. Check display setting on PC.Graphics outputs should be set to ‘cloned’ (duplicate displays) and should have resolution of 1920 x 1080.

There is no audio output

  1. Check control panel is not muted (volume LEDs flashing)

  2. Check volume is turned up on control panel (2 or 3 segments of the LED display lit)

  3. Check that the corresponding input is selected for source device in use

  4. Check volume is turned up on the PC or input device

  5. In case of PC input, check that the VP-440 is selected as the default audio device - Windows Control Panel>Sound>Playback

  6. Check audio amplifier is powered on - power light should be green. A red light would indicate that the source device is not outputting sufficient audio signal.

  7. Check that the the signal LEDs are lighting up on the front of the amplifier

  8. Check that the Speakon connector is connected to the wall input plate. The connector insert and rotates clockwise to lock.

The control panel does not light up

  1. This would indicate that there is no power to the TeamMate console.

  2. Check the fused spur outlet, at floor level, is switched on.

Projector turns on but electric screen does not descend

  1. Check that 12v trigger jack is connected to the rear of the projector.

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